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"I want to make three promises. First, I will not hesitate to make any efforts to fulfill any responsibility that the people of the country put on my shoulders. Second, I will not do anything for my personal benefit and third, I will not work with any malafide intentions. I assure you for these three things."

                                                            -Narendra Modi


The popularity of Narendra Damodardas Modi has increased multifold after he became the Prime Minister of India. He has achieved fame within the country and all over the world. Narendra Modi has also earned himself a new place of pride in the countries who have keen interest in India. Everyone is watching him for his next steps with eagerness and interest. Apart from Pakistan, many superpowers like USA, Britain and China are very anxious to improve their ties with us. Everyone hopes that India will witness a new dawn of progress on its horizon.

This is also an acid test of how he will face and solve the challenges posed by the nation, how he will give a direction to the aspirations of millions of citizens and how he will fulfil the promises made by him before the election. This may not be new to him, as he has been regularly confronting challenges since his childhood. There are numerous questions but they also have answers because ever since he took up the reins of Gujarat for the first time in 2001, he has never looked back. Now, he holds the command of the entire country in his hands. He did this because he is a great leader. A Mahanayak- a great leader indeed!

Kumar Pankaj, an experienced journalist has studied the entire journey of Narendra Modi, starting from his childhood to the present position he holds today, in great depth. This work, by the successful author of 'Namo mantra of Narendra Modi', is worth preserving.

November 25
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