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There have been many books written on the topic of “emergency communications,” EMCOMM, or ECOMM,: personal communications plans, communications for preppers, long-term back-up power solutions and the building of radio systems for use during disasters and SHTF (“stuff” hits the fan – well, we are keeping it clean for families, but you can translate).

“Making Contact During Emergencies” is different; it’s about getting help when you need it. Hikers, hunters, boaters, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to be prepared to communicate, or get help in an emergency, will benefit from this information.
oThis book is designed to give you information, which, if acted upon, might save your life, the life of a loved one, or someone you may come across who is in need of help.
oThis book will help the novice learn methods of communicating, attracting attention, and making your presence known.
oIt will help those who are prepared to think through communicating, getting help, and bringing new ideas to light.

When you need help during an emergency, or when you are awaiting word from a loved one inside the impact area of a natural disaster, how you communicate doesn’t matter; that you communicate does. This book will help you prepare send or receive emergency messages through the proper channels for maximum effect.

Mark Lawley is a full-time deputy sheriff in Madison County, Alabama. He is an amateur radio operator (KI4DHS) and has been involved in radio communications since the early 1970s. He got involved in disaster relief efforts in 2000 after a tornado came through central Alabama. He went on to coordinate Baptist Disaster Relief operations in central Alabama, including radio communications. This led to working relationships with the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.
While living in St Clair County Alabama, Mark met and became involved with a wonderful group of radio operators working with the St Clair County Alabama EMA, where he would respond to the Emergency Management Agency’s Emergency Operations Center during times of severe weather and other emergencies. He has also provided communications from storm shelters during time of emergencies, from roadsides or parking lots when the needs arose, and provided communications for various federal, state, and local agencies in areas where “normal” communications had been disrupted after tornadoes and hurricanes.
Mark has enjoyed the outdoors since his childhood, hunting and fishing with his family over the years, and he’s spent time camping on canoe trips with friends. However, he has also gotten lost in the woods, and, on another occasion assisted in the rescue of a friend who was seriously injured on a hunting trip. The ability to communicate in a timely manner helped him find his way as well as likely saved his friend's life.

Krista Lawley was trained as a music educator, but spent over thirty years in business as an entrepreneur, living in Concord, North Carolina, where she experienced first-hand the destruction of Hurricane Hugo in 1989.
She is also a professional musician, singer, songwriter, and recording artist, she became an amateur radio operator in 2017 (KN4CMT) and is involved in radio operations during emergencies. She has assisted in storm shelter operations, and is becoming active in storm spotting activities in North and Central Alabama.
Her idea of roughing it may be sleeping in a motor home rather than in a tent or on the ground, but she does enjoy hiking, campfires, and being in the outdoors.
She is an awesome researcher and editor. As with many things in Mark’s life, without her, this book would not have been possible.

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March 29
Mark Lawley

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