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This comprehensive book is aimed at readers who like walking, not just as a form of exercise, but also because of the places and people of interest to be encountered along the way. While not widely known for its walking potential Malta provides a wide range of very enjoyable walks incorporating impressive historical, cultural, landscape and environmental features. Malta is quite compact so that on any one walk you can encounter a variety of interesting features.

This book provides details of 10 great walks on Malta, together with a description of the noteworthy features that lie along each route. The duration of each walk is typically four hours and most can be shortened or extended to suit particular interests and circumstances. Importantly, the starting and end points of each walk can be accessed by bus. The book includes a detailed map for each walk and also describes the context (historical, cultural, environmental) of the key points of interest. Three of the walks pass through urban coastal areas, while the others are through areas that are primarily rural and coastal. One walk does not pass by a church.

The book includes sections on the history, geology and wildlife of Malta so that you get a fuller understanding and appreciation of the many fascinating aspects of its environment and culture. It also provides details of practical aspects such as weather, safety, buses and the location of cafes and toilets.

The authors - Jonathan Henwood (Maltese) and Emmet Mc Mahon (Irish), are both environmental scientists with a shared love of Malta and rambling.

The book is supported by the Ramblers Association of Malta

For further information visit www.greatwalksmalta.com

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December 1
Emmet Henwood

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