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A Selection of Red Hot Romances from Mills & Boon Modern

His Cinderella’s One-Night Heir

by Lynne Graham

From the Italian’s temporary temptation…
…to his pregnant Cinderella!

Billionaire Dante Lucarelli’s fake relationship with penniless waitress Belle Forrester was only supposed to last two weeks, to help clinch his latest business deal. But Dante underestimated the all-consuming power of the attraction that sparks instantly between them. Now, one astounding night of seduction in Paris will change the course of their convenient arrangement forever…

Irresistible Bargain with the Greek

by Julia James

She ran from their attraction…  
But can she resist the billionaire’s deal?

Dutiful heiress Talia Grantham shared one earth-shattering evening with sinful stranger Luke, knowing that they could never be anything more. So she’s stunned when the enigmatic Greek returns as Luke Xenaskis, having bought her father’s business out from under him! Arrogant Luke offers Talia a job to save her family home… She can’t turn down the arrangement – or deny their still-powerful chemistry!

His Forbidden Pregnant Princess

by Maisey Yates

The king’s irresistible seduction…
 …leads to an inescapable royal consequence! 

As King Luca of San Gennaro prepares to take the throne, the last thing he needs is a scandal. Especially one of his own making! But his plan to select a husband for his step-sister, Sophia, backfires wildly when their forbidden desire explodes passionately into life! However much they long for each other, it must never happen again. Until Luca discovers Sophia is pregnant with his heir…

Consequences of a Hot Havana Night

by Louise Fuller

A scorching encounter in the Cuban heat…  
Now, she’s carrying her boss’s baby!

The wild vibrancy of Kitty’s new home in Havana must be infectious. Why else would the naturally cautious rum distiller have succumbed to the sudden desire to seize one night with a stranger? But if it’s shocking to learn that César is actually her powerful, elusive boss, it’s nothing compared to Kitty’s latest realisation… she’s pregnant!

September 1
Mills & Boon

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