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His name is Daub and he is a simple sort of fellow, young, naïve, a practicing mage of the foundation. With his three blue gems Daub can summon the spirit of ground for assistance and when this happens he is no longer a mere boy but part of the very world itself.
Because of this ability he has been asked to help usher the church ship Extant on its most sacred mission: deliver the Soffest Page to the Mountain of the Gods. He gladly agrees, but…
The trouble is that Daub has no control over the wind. Nor over the spirit of water. Yet what does this matter to a young man on the voyage of a lifetime?
It is along this journey that he stumbles into a fiery woman pretending to be a man, a lady of the eel clique, pure unadulterated evil and another young man that may possibly become his very best friend. That is if the Fates did not have other intentions for all.
The Red Seil is a loner, an assassin of great skill. He is also on a mission; one of murder. For one man has long evaded his blood-thirsty blade time and again: the White Knight. Today he will kill this man. He must, before this unending quest drives him mad, even if must take the coward’s route to success.
From this momentous yet craven victory the Red Seil finds a path to redeem himself and to regain lost honor. He will replace the man he recently murdered and become the eighth Knight to continue that man’s epic purpose.
On the shore of a vengeful sea these heroes, and more, will unite to face a terrible evil head-on while above them the very gods have awoken.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 10
Mark Baggett

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