Narcissist Abuse Recovery: The Ultimate Guide for How to Understand, Cope, and Move on from Narcissism in Toxic Relationships

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Do you tend to attract abusive people that take advantage of you? Are you left conflicted and confused after the relationship falls apart?

It's a fact that the narcissist in your life doesn't care about you. Dr. Judith Orloff said it best, "Narcissists have an empathy deficit disorder – they're not capable of empathy as we know it." 

As a result, they are more likely to display narcissistic traits, like engaging in manipulative or game playing behaviors, than to commit long-term. If you've been with a narcissist in a relationship, then you have become the victim of something called "narcissistic abuse." 

To the narcissist, you are nothing more than a source of attention, admiration, and praise. They need you to supply these things so that they can continue to support their inflated, false sense of self.  While narcissism in men is more common, women are no exception. Realizing that you are in an abusive relationship can be a difficult challenge for anyone to face. Luckily, you are not alone in this journey. There are important tools needed for this process to help you understand what has happened, cope with the trauma, and move on from narcissism in toxic relationships.

The definition of narcissistic abuse implies that you've been a victim of verbal abuse, manipulation, gaslighting, exploitation, subjugation, neglect, isolation, or even violence, and reading this book will greatly benefit you! In Narcissist Abuse Recovery, you will learn how to break free of your abuser, get through the recovery process, and form meaningful relationships in the future. 

In this book, you'll discover: 

How to enter the mind of a narcissist and uncover their deepest, darkest secrets 

The undeniable traits that qualify you as the ultimate target for narcissists

How to reveal the mask that narcissists use to hide their true identify and decode their language

The one thing narcissist can't go without and how you can starve them of it

How to take your abuser's power away and regain the respect that you deserve

The zombie effect that occurs when you don't stand up for yourself, and how the narcissist can use it against you

The horrifying abuse cycle stages narcissists funnel you through to turn into a chew toy

How abusers can sometimes stick around long after you get rid of them

A simple technique for silencing your abuser and taking control of the situation

Weapons an abuser plans to use against you when trying to leave a narcissist marriage or going through a narcissism divorce

Effective methods for recovering from abuse and healing psychological trauma 

The inescapable narcissism that exists in your family, and how to fight against it
And much much more!

The road to healing and narcissism recovery has never been easier. This book was written by someone that has experienced what you have been through — pain and confusion, and desperation for something better. Most victims can have trouble leaving abusive relationships, but you can different. You can leave your abuser without feeling abandoned, even if you're scared to be alone or have no place to go. It is possible, and we are capable of reaching goals through our strength. If you don't want to wait any longer to get the life you deserve, then get yourself a copy of this book today!

Health & Well-Being
30 September
Pardi Publishing

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