Two girls, a van, & an African adventure!

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Publisher Description

An unforgettable trek through Africa based on the author’s real-life experiences blends realities of nature and spiritualism in a fascinating novel.

Overlanding tells of the amazing adventure of two culturally different young women bound on a near-impossible trek through Africa in the early '70's. It evokes a real, if (today) elusive Africa—its people, its magic, its wildlife—with all the mystery of that astonishing continent.
When Kate, an impulsive young American traveller, meets Zaleka, a young Zulu girl with a wealth of cultural knowledge and a heart for adventure, an instant friendship turns into the voyage of a lifetime.
Zaleka, a recent graduate, is still feeling uncertain about having to immediately consider a lifelong commitment to her hereditary role as a Sangoma, a traditional tribal healer and spiritual guide. Kate, just on the cusp of entering college, is also grappling with her future path in Ethology and seeks to increase her knowledge of animals in the wild as an aid to her in future studies.
With each girl on her own journey of self-discovery, Kate and Zaleka soon find themselves sharply challenged by the realities of solo land travel through the African Continent. They discover they must truly rely upon each other if they wish to survive the harsh environment, the wild animals, medical emergencies, vehicle breakdowns, marauders, and lawmen alike—yet, undeterred, they plunge on.
Every page provides a feeling of being 'right-beside-Kate-and-Zaleka'. The novel engages the reader into being there as a part in their resolution of varied, and often complex, issues. It also allows the reader to share the joy of their trusting companionship and their exhilaration in travel and discovery.

In praise of this debut novel -
A unique melange of friendship, cultural diversity, and traditional medicine, with just a pinch of mystic powers, all rolled up in an epic adventure of two daring and determined young women overlanding Africa from tip to top in the early ’70’s. This young adult novel is well worth the read.
R.A. (Andy) Buhler, author of Letters Home.
The author chose to repurpose her own exciting, dangerous, tantalizing, and truly brave trek into this work of fiction: Overlanding. Sue's clear enjoyment of writing the telling detail or surprising point-of-fact showed me how much Africa lured her patient and diligent research as it did mine when I wrote To Timbuktu for a Haircut: A Journey Across West Africa.
Rick Antonson, author

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11 April
Sue Watson