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Exiled by his former lover, Peyton finds himself leading soldiers who resent him for his relationship to the new king—the king who has now turned his back on him. Peyton's future looks dark after Peyton and his men travel across the gate to a new world to aid in a war against invading demons. Then Peyton meets the Eight, elite warriors who keep their skills sharp by killing demons. He's immediately fascinated with Ice, one of the Eight's most talented and enigmatic warriors. Ice's lack of inhibitions or shame in loving other men turns Peyton's concepts of love on end. His feelings toward Ice soon force Peyton to confront who he truly is beneath the layers of submission he'd shown the king who abandoned Peyton to this dangerous world. He can only pray the new passion he shares with Ice will redeem him instead of shattering him forever. He cannot take having his heart broken again...

Ice was not one to commit to a single lover. He had marked a path through the army with a trail of discarded lovers behind him. No one had ever left a mark upon his heart. But Peyton, the standoffish and proud new commander, proves a challenge Ice cannot resist. And one passionate dalliance was definitely not enough for Ice, who found himself drawn to Peyton again and again. They make the oddest couple: Ice, who has never taken love seriously or given his heart, and Peyton, who had given his very soul to his prince, certain their love was forever...until he was cast aside and sent to a new world to die in the war against the demons. But the demon war is racing toward its end, win or lose. In the final battle, Ice could wind up one of the many casualties no matter how desperate Peyton might be to save him...

8 April
Etopia Press

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