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"An amazing log from a stolen oil tanker"

PIOTRS LOG 3 - The Hunt for Jomo Gbomo 

Release date: 1. april 2020 - Read the free preview sample now!

"Captivating and highly original" - Jon Michelet (Norwegian Author & Master of sea adventures) about the Piotrs Log-series

Some years ago a multinational crew of 16 men and women stole an oil tanker outside Nigeria. The ship was named “The Dark Norse”. 

Led by the mysterious “Kaptain 12”, they are hustling pirates around the world.

In EPISODE 3 The DARK NORSE crew have been contacted by one of their old friends from Nigeria: The mysterious Jomo Gbomo... The secret leader of the rebel organisation MEND is calling for help. 

The Dark Norse log is written by one of the crew-members, a Polish able seaman called Piotr386. 

All we know about Piotr386 is what we can read from the text: Piotr is 25 years old. Born in Poland. His father was a Norwegian Chief Engineer and his mother a Polish “working lady”

He is now a trusted crew-member on the renegade oil tanker. Piotr is some kind of computer expert, but he is also a good fighter, shooter and carpenter!

Piotr seems to be autodidact when it comes to writing. But he enjoys to write, and he even writes poetry! Piotr’s situation forces him to conceal his identity. Many questions therefore remain unanswered. Some day we will hopefully know the truth.

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