Raise A Himalayan Cat: Get To Know The Himalayan Cat Better

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Himalayan cats owe their origins to responsible breeders who carefully crossbred two popular breeds: Persians to Siamese to create a new hybrid breed with Siamese point coloring and a Persian's long hair.

This gentle, quiet, sweet-tempered breed is a little more active than Persians and a little less active than Siamese. They welcome playtime, but also enjoy warming laps.

Himalayas are intelligent and polite, especially when meeting houseguests.

They are not overly vocal but speak more in a melodious tone than a demanding meow.

This breed, when properly introduced, co-exists nicely with other cats and dogs.

Are you going to pet a Himalayan cat? This book is for you.

Get to know the Himalayan cat better and discover the many traits, characteristics, and talents it has. Find out about its beginnings and what it takes to take care of one. We aim to empower the reader with knowledge and give information on how to raise a Himalayan cat with confidence.

A cat that enjoys quiet days and is content to languish in spaces near you, the Himalayan cat is one low-maintenance cat in terms of demanding constant attention and will be happy to entertain itself until you return home from work. Find out about the traits of the Himalayan cat and discover if it is indeed the cat that would fit your personality and lifestyle, a recent but very popular addition to the feline world of great wonders.

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29 March
Hilde Challacombe