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A sexy lesbian twist on Little Red Riding Hood! When Scarlet ventures into the woods to see the magician Colette, she’s only looking for an apprenticeship – but Colette’s got much more to offer her. And when one of their trysts goes past nightfall, Scarlet finds out about Colette’s moonlit transformation into a sleek, strong, alpha werewolf. Luckily for them both, Scarlet finds rough sex – claws and fangs included – completely hot! This 5,000 word story contains F/F rough sex, werewolves, oral, fisting, and some well-earned bite marks; adults only!



When the crystal dildo was inside of me, Colette sent a magic shock through it. “Oh!” I felt it run up to my scalp, making me quiver all over, and I bucked against her hard. The end of the dildo skimmed her flat stomach, but I took the end of it, re-angling myself to fit into Colette’s hole as well. And as I pushed the dildo’s head into her, I sent another strong jolt through the crystal. Her breath caught in her throat as she flushed and jerked.

When we were both filled by the crystal, we worked hard against one another, bucking and thrusting. Colette threw both of her strong legs over my back, seized my forearms, and flipped me. F*****g exhilarating, to be pinned under her frantically-thrusting body.

She continued to hold onto me, tightly enough that her fingernails cut crescents into my dark skin. And when we’d worked ourselves onto the dildo far enough, our clits grazed each other, and we let out twin groans. “Scarlet.” My name was a predatory growl in her red mouth. “You – ” she thrust hard “ – are going – ” another breathless thrust “ – to be mine.”

She bent her body to kiss me, skimming one hand over my torso to grab my throat and hold me down. I was wet and thrilled, in love with her brusque desires, and when I kissed her back I used my teeth.

She did Colette, nipping at my lips and throat. But as we thrust against each other, these bites became more acute, and the nails in my arm and at my throat dug deeper. I squirmed under her, the pleasure-pain buzzing in my brain and in my flesh until it was overwhelming.

Fiction & Literature
September 17
Sofia Bane

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