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Steeped in an oral culture, the Indian cuisine offers many culinary gems from its numerous gastronomic regions, all responding to a season, region, and reason with individual flair. Representing an essential part of a meal, Roti and its many variations are individual, handcrafted creations that sustain the subcontinent and are loved across the world.

Roti: 40 Classic Indian Breads & Sides explores essential breads like roti and chapati, alongside classic festive dishes like Puran Poli, and Kheer Patishapta. It also includes classic techniques applicable across many preparations, building confidence. To pair with these, Roti includes easy classic chutneys, raitas, relishes and desserts that effortlessly grace dinner tables whenever Roti’s are served. 

Making a roti is more than following a recipe or applying a technique. It engages all the senses: touching, kneading and feeling the dough, seeing how it responds to rolling, listening to the sounds of dry flour grazing across a rolling surface sensing when more flour is needed, watching it cook and recognizing the aroma of dough transforming to a roti, and finally tasting the sweetness that one has just created. There is true poetry in making these timeless creations. The repetitive process completed entirely by hand is a meditative and transcendent experience in itself. Explore your connection with each handcrafted roti as it becomes laden with warmth and comfort, enjoy the moments of its creation, and treasure the experience of sharing it with loved ones.

Food & Drink
April 28
Turmeric Press

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