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Publisher Description

Jake Cantlon spent five years in prison for just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Upon release he still carried on his conscience the guilt of not being at home when his mother died of cancer. When his sister met him at the entrance of The Moundsville Penitentiary the love in her face erased all the bad memories of prison life for Jake. They began rehashing all their good times together as his sister Kristi drove her big 53 Bonneville down the highway. It would be a long drive from West Virginia to Missouri but Jake didn’t mind. He had plans for his future and they sure didn’t include going back to prison. The stranger walking along the highway who seemed to appear out of nowhere every few hundred miles along the way would soon upset Jake’s plans. He and his sister would soon come face to face with someone who would change their lives completely. When they arrive home their father Nathan would also meet the man who displayed kindness and love for his fellow man. They would soon find out there was much more to this stranger called Sebastian than meets the eye. Something that would make them gasp in disbelief and change their perception of every thing they believed in. They would have to make life or death decisions in matters that involved them and the stranger called Sebastian. What would be the outcome of the long ordeal they would be faced with? The answer is inside this book, my friends.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 4
J. Lee McPherson

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