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Secret Craving: My first time with a Younger Man

Hi! My name is Maryann and you’ll never believe what I’ve done. I’m almost forty, married, and have a son just starting college. Apparently one of his friends, Derek, has had a secret crush on me for a long time. I didn’t know that until one morning I walked in on him masturbating in the shower. I thought it was my husband and I was so embarrassed that I locked myself in my bedroom. I started to fantasize about Derek a lot and when he told me he had been fantasizing about me in the shower that pushed me over the edge. 

Warning: This ebook contains very explicit sexuality and includes masturbation, and MLIF sex in public.  Only mature adults should read this story.

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I thought I was free and clear and over my brief bout of lust. I had more energy and I was feeling great which I attributed to the jogging so I kept it up. I was even losing some weight and my husband noticed. When Anthony spent nights at the library on campus, Terry would fuck me like never before. I was in heaven and sated. Then one morning my world came crashing down on me again. I ran into Derek.

I was at the park and had just finished a few laps around the track. I was stretching at a bench and drinking some water to cool down a little before jogging home. It was beautiful outside. The air was crisp and a slight breeze rustled a thick group of large bushes nearby. It reminded me of camping in the mountains when I was a little girl.

“Hey!” a familiar voice huffed from a distance. “Mrs. M!”

It was Derek. I closed my eyes and took a few deep breaths. I hadn’t seen him since the morning I had spoken to him on the phone and my subsequent animalistic masturbation. My hands trembled; apparently I wasn’t over him after all. I heard his jogging steps growing closer. I really didn’t need to see him but maybe that was exactly what I needed. A face-to-face confrontation would help me, hopefully once and for all, put those days behind me. I turned around.

masturbation, MILF sex, sex in public, Older Woman/Younger Man Erotica, sex in the park, MILF erotica, sex with an older woman

Fiction & Literature
September 21
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