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This is a collection of stories set in a world where women have worked hard to get the Sexual Service Act passed. It’s a set of laws that allow any and all men to fuck all women as they like, any time, any place, and any level of perversion. It was a long battle and even though some men voted against it, women won the right to be bent over by countless men.

~ ~ ~ ~

A Night At The Bar

Loretta was already in her late thirties when the Sexual Service Act passed, but she stays fit and active, so she gets it from just as many guys as most of the younger women.

She and her friend Jenny are out for yet another night at the bar. However, in a world where women everywhere pushed for a set of laws requiring all women to submit to the sexual desires of any man at any time or place, a night out at the bar is far from anything you or I could call normal.

Join them in this story of a world where the perverse is common and women are used to getting used.

~ ~ ~ ~

Day One

Tiffany voted to pass the Sexual Service Act, a set of laws that gave men the right to fuck any woman, any time, and in any way. It was a long battle, even getting The Act drafted, but the vote had finally been taken and the results were to be announced that day.

She didn't really believe it would pass and wondered just how many other women would vote yes. To her surprise, and to the surprise of about half the men who voted against it, she learns that every single woman voted yes!

Join her in this story of her first day in a new world where the perverse is common and women have finally pushed through a law allowing all men to fuck them at will.

~ ~ ~ ~


Summer is finally eighteen and attending her first day of classes that are all geared towards Practical Sexual Education. Cramming her mind with math and science will be replaced by cramming other things into her young body.

Thanks to the Sexual Service Act, a set of laws that give men the right to fuck any woman, any time, and in any way, now that she's eighteen, she'll have to train and study hard.

The vote had taken place years before, but no one ever mentioned repealing The Act. It was just another part of life in a civilized country.

While she was sheltered from things before, she's excited to finally learn how her life will change now that men can fuck her and her other eighteen-year-old classmates at any time and in any way.

Join her for her very first class where she and the other young women learn about anal sex and how it pleases men.

~ ~ ~ ~

The Elevated

When she voted to pass The Sexual Service Act, Paige thought she'd spend her days being bent to the sexual wills and whims of the men around her. However, because she was so undeniably beautiful, she found herself added to the ranks of The Elevated.

Those women that are determined to be so beautiful, that they must be shared with all, are housed in chambers they can never leave, however, they are also given sexual dominion over everyone else. Any desire, any dream, any whim is met with obedience.

Paige loves the cameras that watch her twenty-four hours a day and has grown to love commanding sexual acts from others. Her latest show will involve ten well-endowed men and then ten women to clean her with their agile tongues after.

Take a peek into the life of one of the most beautiful in the world of The Sexual Service Act, Paige The Elevated.

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