Sister's in Sin (Tales of the Circle series‪)‬

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The latest stand alone story from the dark and sexy world of The Circle.

Like all members of the Circle, Allison Saunders, The Lady Pandora, plays hard. As dominate as she is seductive Allison has total control over her young lovers, using the teasing promise of her lush body to get them to do anything to please their mistress.

As hard as she plays, Allison works even harder. Since joining the Circle her career in advertising has seen her go from an underpaid overworked, nobody, to A&S's top money maker.

Like all members of the group however, Allison is never satisfied and has her heart set on one day running her own agency. That day may be coming soon as Allison gets a chance to work with two beautiful women who own a controversial line of products aimed at the lesbian market.

The campaign has the potential to create not just a lot of money, but the type of notoriety Allison has been striving for. The kind that could put her in business for herself.

But a problem has arisen. Jasmine and Simone of Sinnsatiable will only go with the campaign if Allison can get supermodel and fellow Circle member Victoria Redding to model for the "Sisters in Sin" campaign. Victoria has never, nor she claims, will ever, pose as provocatively as Allison needs her to.

Allison begs and pleads, finally asking her to do it as a Circle favor. Victoria relents, but on two conditions. One that Allison herself be the other woman in the highly erotic shoot. The second will be a favor to be called in after the campaign succeeds

Allison agrees and after the ad launches even more successful than she'd hoped, Victoria shows up to tell her that her favor is due.

That's when Allison discovers that The Lady Felicia, the High Lady of the Circle secretly enjoys the finer points of the softer sex and has come to claim the Lady Pandora herself as her payment.

Allison has never been with a woman before and has no desire to be, but the first rule of the group is "Nothing in the Circle is free" and The Lady Pandora is about to truly become Lady Felicia's sister in sin.

Fiction & Literature
15 January
Laura Lovecraft

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