Squat Every Day

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What readers are saying...

"Anyone serious about strength needs to read this book."


If you're interested in more lean muscle, the biggest squat of your life, and unbreakable mental toughness even outside of the gym... but you're always frustrated by the 'same old' advice that never seems to move you ahead... you'll want to keep reading.

The title is no lie. Yes, you really can squat every day. No, it won't "put you on the train to Snap City".

But first, beware: This isn't your average "how to lift weights" book.

There's no cookie-cutter programs that look just like the programs in every other exercise book you've bought before.

What you'll find inside are little-known strategies used by the world's top weightlifters and strongmen to blow past world records.

And they do it by ignoring everything you've ever been told about how your body responds to weight training.

Even the experts who hate it in public secretly admire and follow the advice inside Squat Every Day.

Inside, you'll discover:

* The lies you've been told about recovery. Learn why your body won't fall apart if you put it under pressure (and what key ingredient you leave out of your training if you don't push it hard enough)

* Why your mindset and mental attitude are more important than any workout you do. (If you've ever wondered why you aren't making progress, you might be shocked at how important this is... but hardly anybody talks about it in detail.)

* The difference between beginners and advanced strength athletes that nobody wants to talk about (and it's NOT illegal performance enhancing chemicals)

* The real story behind the insane workouts of the Bulgarian weightlifting team and how you can make them work for you... even if you've got a full-time job and a life outside the gym.

* The one variable that almost nobody keeps track of... and why it might be the most important part of your workout (Hint: It has nothing to do with how many sets and reps you do or even how much weight is on the bar).

If you're looking for the magic pill, I'll be blunt: You should give this book a pass. I'd rather you not read it if you are impatient, uncooperative, and unteachable. If you don't have the right attitude, this isn't for you.

But if you're willing to learn... and you're ready to make the jump to the next level... what's in this book can have you setting PRs in as little as a few days.

If you're ready to join the thousands of men and women who have made the best gains of their life, grab your copy right now.

Health & Well-Being
23 April

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