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Look for Dare Me by Salome Fox, the sequel to Tease Me, now available!

When Sam Traiger moves in next door to Lily Carson, she can barely breathe. How is it possible that the hottest guy in school is, five years later, her neighbor? Better yet, her neighbor who can cook?

When Sam admits he'd always lusted after Lily back in high school and suggests a naughty little sex game, she can't resist.

Tease Me is an erotic new adult story with blunt language. Contains graphic material some readers may find offensive. Ages 17+

8,300 words, 30 pages.


When Sam spoke again, his voice was different. Huskier. “You know, Lily, I used to think about this. Touching your legs under the table.”

His hand stayed on my knee, caressing it. I fought the urge to open my legs and encourage him to explore.

“I…I thought about that, too.” I admitted.

“No way. You were always so business-like. Focused on our homework.” He smiled, his fingers now under my knee, almost tickling me, but not quite.

“I didn’t want you to fail,” I said. Actually, I’d just been too chicken to try anything with him. I’d been terrified of my own lust then, and of his terrible reputation. I was still a little afraid now.

“You were kind,” he nodded. “I graduated because of your efforts. But I’m still mad at you.” He removed his hand from my bare leg and began eating his dinner as if he’d never touched me at all.

“Mad? Why?”

“For keeping me so turned on for a straight year. It was torture. All those hours, smelling your perfume, wanting to touch your hair, to see you naked. I lost so many nights of sleep over you, Lily.”

I gulped, took a small sip of wine, then I couldn’t help it. I giggled.

“You think it’s funny?”


My giggle turned into a laugh and my nervousness lessened. Sam Traiger had the hots for me? It was so ridiculous it was hilarious.

“Okay, now I know I was right to be mad.” He smiled too and I calmed down. I wished he’d touch my leg again. “I think I know how to get my revenge, though.”

“You do?” I shivered, imagining a night of him teaching me a lesson.

“I do. Are you attracted to me at all, Lily? Now?”

His forthrightness startled me. His tone was serious. I decided to be honest. Why lose another five years? I wanted him more than I’d ever wanted anything. Then. Now. Probably always.

“Yes. Very.”

“Good. Then I propose a fun little game.”

“A game?” If I was confused before I was utterly flummoxed now. What was he talking about?

“I’m going to tease you, sexually, and you’re going to do the same to me. We’ll pick out a word, a strange word. When one of us utters it, we’ll have sex. Good, old fashioned, all-night mind-blowing sex.

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May 8
Salome Fox

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