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The Time Is Now – Your Journey Home

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The Dawning of the New Age on Earth, the Seventh Universal Golden Age is upon us. A wonderful new world spans the horizon as the magnificent splendour of the Gold Ray of Christ permeates the consciousness of every man, woman and child on Earth, bringing recognition of the Divinity within all life. The old gives way to a new dimension of Unconditional Love and Peaceful Co-existence.
Earth is attaining Sacred Planet status, rising from the deepest density ever experienced in the Universe into a dimension of full Light. This will bring all pain and suffering to an end. All the learning that has been attained upon Earth now passes into the Universal Consciousness, creating a new pattern for the entire Universe.
Across the Universe, millions watch in and awe and excitement as this massive transformation takes place. Earth begins to emanate a violet hue and a great wall of light extending beyond 100 miles becomes visible across galaxies.
The amazing dedication by the Starseed and Lightworker Rainbow Warriors on Earth and the unswerving love and help from the Ascended realms has brought this plan in all its perfection and glory into full reality as Earth moves steadily, positively and unfailingly into her new role in the fifth dimension.
As the last energy grid patterns and blueprints are anchored into position, the Earth is in readiness for her final shift into a new dimension. Upon completion of their individual mission tasks, the Rainbow Warriors - Caretakers of Earth, will re-unite with their Twin Flames and return Home.
An exciting, positive and complete overview of Earth’s long predicted transformation to a new state of existence. This best selling book is clearly written in a ‘down to earth’ detailed manner; describing the role of personal and planetary ascension. It also tells of the agreements originally made by those committed to bringing about these changes - the Lightworkers and Starseeds - when they undertook their missions. The author speaks of Ascended Masters, Twin Flames and soul mates, the use of universal law, testing the sources of guidance and the steps needed to be undertaken towards initiation and ascension. A wonderful reference book for people wishing to play an active role in creating a peaceful and unified existence on Earth.
‘Everything you ever wanted to know about All That Is, and more! Beautifully written’. The Light Party USA

Health & Well-Being
9 April
Sandy Stevenson

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