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Publisher Description

Follow student Gregory Gaines, as he tells what happened when he was a fifth grader at Workaholic Elementary School. Like it or not, substitutes are a part of school, and I bet you’ve had one that you really liked. This story is about a special substitute, and his name is Mr. Prosper. By the time you finish reading this book, I know you’ll want him at your school, too!

Workaholic Elementary School (WES) is a model school. All other principals and teachers nearby wished their school was just like it. From August to October, WES started off the school year on a roll; no student, Kindergarten through fifth grade, had been sent to Principal Paige’s office for misbehaving. This was true until one fifth grade student left, and another from Highland Elementary School took his place via the school lottery. The new student is Steve “The Bee” Sting.

Gregory not only tells you what happens during Mr. Prosper’s ten day assignment, but also what happens the rest of the school year. What makes Mr. Prosper so special? He is the type of teacher who really cares about his students. You may think that’s not possible, because all the substitutes you’ve had didn’t seem to care. Well, this is not true about Mr. Prosper! If you want to know just how much he does care, and why Gregory and his classmates declare him the best substitute ever, read and find out.

Throughout the book, Gregory and his classmates learn why it’s important not to judge a book by its cover; quiet people have something to say; the importance of good sportsmanship; that we all have bad days; engaging in a little friendly competition is good; change is a good thing; and the importance of learning from your mistakes.

23 November
Daniel Galt