The Complete Works of Jules Verne. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes‪)‬

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Jules Verne was a French writer and pioneer of science fiction who is widely regarded as one of the greatest authors of the 19th century. Born in 1828 in the city of Nantes, Verne was fascinated by science and technology from an early age, and his writing reflects this interest.

Verne is best known for his adventure novels, such as "Journey to the Center of the Earth," "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea," and "Around the World in Eighty Days." These books take readers on fantastical journeys to far-flung places and feature groundbreaking technologies, such as submarines and hot-air balloons. They are notable for their vivid descriptions of exotic locations, their sense of adventure, and their focus on scientific exploration.

Verne's influence on the genre of science fiction cannot be overstated. He was a pioneer in the use of scientific concepts in fiction, and his work helped to establish many of the themes and tropes that would come to define the genre. His focus on technology and exploration also helped to popularize science and engineering among the general public, and his books have inspired countless readers to pursue careers in these fields.

Despite his enormous success as a writer, Verne remained a private and somewhat reclusive figure throughout his life. He died in 1905 at the age of 77, but his legacy as a writer and pioneer of science fiction continues to be celebrated today. His work remains popular with readers around the world, and his influence can be seen in countless books, films, and other works of popular culture.

The Complete Works of Jules Verne.

Ebook comes with main a table of contents and interlinked sub table of contents.  Each chapter is clearly marked so the reader knows which book within the boxset is being read. 

This set contains a large amount of Illustrations in total 22 Illustrated Novels, and 3 Illustrated Non Fiction Books. In addition inline digital footnotes are present in a number of works. 

Please note due to copyright restrictions certain works can only be presented in Original French text. Please see below description for details. 

The Novels.

Five Weeks In A Balloon. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

A Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

From The Earth To The Moon. (Illustrated)

The Adventures Of Captain Hatteras. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

The Children of Captain Grant or In Search of the Castaways. (Illustrated)

Around The Moon.

20000 Leagues Under The Sea. (Illustrated)

A Floating City. (Illustrated)

The Adventures Of Three Englishmen And Three Russians In South Africa. (Illustrated)

The Fur Country. (Illustrated)

Around The World In Eighty Days. (Illustrated)

The Mysterious Island. (Illustrated)

The Survivors of the Chancellor. (Illustrated)

Michael Strogoff - The Courier of the Czar. (Illustrated)

Off On A Comet. (Illustrated)

The Underground City. (Illustrated)

Dick Sand, A Captain At Fifteen. (Illustrated)

The Begum’s Fortune. (Illustrated)

Tribulations of a Chinaman In China. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

The Steam House. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

Eight Hundred Leagues On The Amazon. (Illustrated)

The Green Ray.

The School For Robinsons.

Kéraban The Inflexible or Adventures In The Euxine.

The Star of The South or The Vanished Diamond.

The Archipelago On Fire.

Mathias Sandorf. (Illustrated)

Robur The Conqueror.

The Lottery Ticket.

The Flight To France. (Illustrated)

The Wreck Of The Cynthia.

North Against South or Texar’s Revenge.

Two Years Holiday or Adrift in the Pacific.

The Purchase Of The North Pole or Topsy Turvy.

Family Without A Name.

César Cascabel.

Mistress Branican.

The Carpathian Castle.

Claudius Bombarnac.

Foundling Mick or A Lad of Grit.

The Adventures Of Captain Antifer.

The Floating Island or Propeller Island.

Facing The Flag.

Clovis Dardentor.

The Sphinx Of The Ice Fields or An Antarctic Mystery. (Inline footnotes)

The Super Orinoco. *Original French Text.

The Will Of An Eccentric.

Second Fatherland or The Castaways of the Flag. *Original French Text.

The Village In The Treetops. *Original French Text.

Yarns Of Jean-Marie Cabidoulin or The Sea Serpent. *Original French Text.

The Kip Brothers. *Original French Text.

Traveling Scholarships. *Original French Text.

A Drama In Livonia. *Original French Text.

Master Of The World.

Invasion Of The Sea. *Original French Text.

Lighthouse At The End Of The World. *Original French Text.

The Golden Volcano. *Original French Text.

The Thompson Agency And Co. *Original French Text.

The Chase Of The Golden Meteor. *Original French Text.

The Danube Pilot. *Original French Text.

The Survivors Of The ‘Jonathan’ *Original French Text.

The Secret Of Wilhelm Storitz. *Original French Text.

Adventures Of The Barsac Mission. *Original French Text.

The Short Stories.

A Drama In Mexico.

Martin Paz.

The Blockade Runners.

Dr. Ox And Other Stories.

The Mutineers Of The Bounty.

In The Year 2889.


An Express Of The Future.

Yesterday And Tomorrow. *Original French Text.

The Complete Poetry. *Original French Text.

The Plays.

Michel Strogoff. *Original French Text.

Onze Jours De Siège. *Original French Text.

The Non Fiction.

The Exploration Of The World. (1878 to 1880) (Illustrated)

The Great Navigators Of The Eighteenth Century. (1878 to 1880) (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

The Great Explorers Of The Nineteenth Century. (1878 to 1880) (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

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