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The Way This Book will Help Your Children

This book promotes to the reader, the concept that successful self-sufficiency and generation of wealth are more easily, achieved through discovery and fulfillment of their genetic purpose and cultivation of his or her inherent skills rather than by any, other means. In addition, it brings into focus the advantage of overcoming adversity with creative thought, guided and inspired by the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, it gives hope for the realization of the reader's utmost desires and having access to infinite possibilities through faith, patience, and gratitude.

After, a brief historical account of the evolution of the setting, the central storyline begins to unfold the plot with a definition of divine purpose and direction toward divine destiny. Furthermore, readers will also discover the moral virtues of approaching life by learning from mistakes, expressing gratitude and kindness, and maintaining the utmost respect for God, other people, and nature.
Whether an adult reads this book to children or whenever children read it for themselves, there is an underlying message they can absorb easily and naturally. That message encourages children to find resources they need or desire to solve problems and achieve goals, by looking first, within his and her inner being and trusting God’s design of natural human strength, created in his image.

Both juvenile and adult fictional characters, depicted as respectful and well educated, deliver and characterize the ritual of discovering divine purpose, facts for enlightenment and the underlying message in an entertaining and lighthearted way. (E.g. the children of Beautiful-Town model the process of discovering divine purpose, beginning early in life, while guided toward having fun, doing creative and productive things and participating in challenging events, they enjoy most and accomplish naturally.)

The parents and adults of Beautiful-Town, nourishing their imaginations with faith and creative thoughts, apply their inherent skills and ability, and model high standards and a quality lifestyle. In addition, as they prosper, they create and advance their lifestyles by working passionately in areas of trade and commerce, they enjoy most, and by working smartly; they accumulate both eternal and immediate wealth as they produce and sell products and services that serve and benefit others.
If you are one, who believes, exposing children to these principles is integral early in life for a secure future and quality lifestyle then, “The Day Mr. Sharkstooth Came to Beautiful-Town” will surely be a blessing for you and your children, and hopefully, for many generations to come.

Thank you for purchasing my book, appreciating my work, and helping make the world a better place by empowering the children, first.


Mario A. Taboada - The Poetry of 5 Fires


Mario A. Taboada - The Poetry of 5 Fires

"Therefore, I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them." Mark 11:24

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June 24
Mario A. Taboada