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The Divine Revelation of the New Jerusalem is the complete set of all the published theological works of Emanuel Swedenborg, a respected scientist of the eighteenth century who demonstrated clairvoyant abilities on numerous occasions, one of which was investigated by the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. Swedenborg's works contain numerous accounts of his visions of the heavenly world which he experienced over a period of 25 years, and a unique theology which explains Christianity in a simple and rational manner. Proof is provided to show how the Bible is Divinely inspired through a system of symbolic correspondences. This digital edition of his works is unique from all other publications as his numerous references and topical indexes are all hyperlinked for easy navigation and reading. Included in this digital version are works that were originally published in 32 separate volumes: Heavenly Arcana (or Arcana Coelestia), Arcana Index, Heaven and Hell, The Final Judgment, The White Horse, Earths in the Universe, Summary Exposition, The Doctrine of the Lord, The Doctrine of Sacred Scripture, The Doctrine of Life, The Doctrine of Faith, New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrines, Divine Love and Wisdom, Divine Providence, Intercourse between the Soul and Body, Apocalypse Revealed, Marriage Love, and True Christian Religion. The included volumes are described in detail below:

* Heavenly Arcana, or Arcana Coelestia (volumes 1-20): the spiritual symbolism behind scripture is revealed by going word by word through Genesis and Exodus, showing how and why the Bible is Divinely inspired. Numerous topics on the spiritual growth and development of the human soul are discussed, centering on how Jesus made His human Divine.

* Heaven and Hell (volume 21): a detailed description of the spiritual world, heaven, hell based on the author's visions. 

* The Final Judgment, and Final Judgment Continued (volume 22): the mystery of the last judgment or the end of the age is explained. Also included is the work the "White Horse" which shows that the Second Coming is a revelation of the spiritual meaning behind the literal sense of the word. Also included in this volume are "Earths in the Universe", and "Summary Exposition," containing an analysis of Catholic and Protestant doctrines.

* Doctrines of the New Jerusalem (volume 23): this work sums up the main doctrines of the New Church concerning the Lord, sacred scripture, charity, and faith.

* Angelic Wisdom concerning Divine Love and Wisdom (volume 24): this explains how God is Love and Wisdom itself, and that all goodness and intelligence in humanity is derived from God alone. 

* Angelic Wisdom concerning Divine Providence (volume 25): this work explains how God governs all creation, how He bends evil towards the good, why He allows evil to exist.

* Intercourse between the Soul and Body: the true nature of the soul and body is described, and how the human soul survives after death.

* Apocalypse Revealed (volumes 26-28): this reveals the spiritual symbolism contained in the Apocalypse or the book of Revelation.

* Angelic Wisdom concerning Marriage Love (volume 29): this work explains the religious and spiritual values are contained in marriage love, based on conversations with angels.

* True Christian Religion (volumes 30-32): this work explains the true doctrines of Christianity: one in which God (Jehovah) is one in person in Jesus Christ, and how charity can not be made separate from faith.

* The Book of Jasher: a lost book of the Bible from an ancient Hebrew manuscript, described in the visions of Swedenborg.

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