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Are you down and out, or are you up and about?  Have you crashed, or are you soaring? Are you burned out, weary of well doing, without any sense of reward? Are you living in your own strength, or in the power of the God who created you?  

We see God revealed when Jesus lived here among men. He often asked the question, “What do you want me to do for you?” This important question is real today because the needs of man never change.  In a world where humans attempt to live successfully by their own standards and power, we are in constant need of knowledge and strength beyond our own.  We are taught by man that the more we work the greater will be our rewards.  We try one thing and then another to find that deal that will make us special and wear ourselves out in the process.  Then, we either give up or try something new.  

You may continue to ask, “What is God’s plan for me?”

If you are at this point, be encouraged that your Creator has the spreadsheet, and desires to show you what He can do for you, what He planned for you before the foundation of the world; so amazing that only He can do these things in you and through you.  He speaks these words of truth and power in the Holy Bible and invites you to read and learn what He wants to do in your heart and life.
We can see God’s purpose in His Word.  Here you will learn how to find God’s will for you.
What we read and study will either keep us down or raise us to new heights that we can never reach on our own.  Meditation on God’s word is the practice of those who know the supernatural power of the Spirit of Christ working in their minds and hearts.  

Through the printed word of God and the power of His Holy Spirit, He informs, reforms, transforms, conforms and performs in such a way that is beyond man’s understanding. Here is profound knowledge of God’s purpose for His creation.

Seventy-seven years has brought the author of The Garden to share how God works even to old age in those who “wait on the Lord for His strength, so as to soar, to run and not be weary; to walk and not faint.”
She invites you to open your Bible and discover the delights of our Father’s house and garden.  Should we combine all our imaginations  ~ all that we could ask for or think of  ~ we would still come short of what He has prepared for us and waits to give us.

“The garden of God's Word is a taste of what is to come in our inheritance and is a continual reminder that this wilderness is only temporary.  His plans to bring us to an eternal paradise will not fail.”  The Garden of GODS’ WORD

Religion & Spirituality
2 August
Fran Rogers

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