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The twin Lasserman boys grew up in mid-twentieth century middle America. As children they were as close as one would expect twin boys to be. But as adults their life paths took them to far different destinations, economically, socially and geographically. At a time when they were past middle-aged, a severely divided nation driven by polarizing political demagogues, stressed their moral foundations to the breaking point. What happens beyond the breaking point teaches them a great deal about themselves and each other and has a cataclysmic effect on the nation and the world.

This is a must-read for any open-minded, intelligent individuals who want to explore a fictional world where moral norms are cast aside, racial biases are openly exploited, and society is allowed to deteriorate to an unforeseen nadir of base expression and survival mode behavior.

About the Author

After a forty-year international business career in the so-called 'real world,' David Loy Frishkorn is launching his second career in the exhilarating and liberating world of adult fiction and political intrigue. His real world career took him all over the world meeting fascinating individuals and experiencing various cultures, cuisines and characters. He now builds on some of those characters and experiences in the pages of The Great Divorce.

David Loy Frishkorn is a native of Pennsylvania and a graduate of Slippery Rock University, Rochester Institute of Technology and Bentley University. In addition to Pennsylvania he has lived in Florida, New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut and now resides in Tampa with his spouse of thirty years.

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November 26
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