The Marks of An Educated Man (or Woman‪)‬

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Publisher Description

This eBook is a reproduction of an important historical work of Albert Edward Wiggam, which was published between 1925 and 1930. 

In this eBook, you will discover that an educated man (or woman) is not a personality with abundant academic degrees but with the following traits:  ability to cultivates open-mind, ability to listen, never laugh at new ideas, knows the secret of getting along with other people, cultivates the habit of success, controls his/her thoughts, always ready to learn new things, always confidence about his/her skills and many more.

In addition, you will be exposed to the following basic features of Life: Life is Practical (Education must be usable); Life is Dynamic (Education must be vital, alive, and active.); Life is Recreative (Education must train men and women –young and old, for play as well as for work.); Life is friendly (Education should teach humanity the art of friendship with all races, colors and creeds.); Life is cooperative (Education must teach a man/woman his/her place in the community and his/her duties toward it.); Life is idealistic (Education must be practical because life is a hard practical thing; but it must be idealistic because man is a dreamer; and "dreams are the makers and feeders of the world.)

As stated in the book, which was based on the surveyed carried out by Dr. David Mitchell by examining many hundreds of people. If you will ask the next one hundred people you meet what they would do if they had plenty of money and were free to do as they pleased, without a single exception they will answer with the one word, "Travel".  Also, according to the author, large lustrous eyes may indicate intelligence, but having tested a great many people with large lustrous eyes and found them feeble-minded. Coarse hair does not indicate a coarse nature, and red hair does not indicate a fiery temperament. Blonds and brunets are equally good salesmen, buyers and executives.

I hope this book shall convince the reader that the different in men and women is not the superior of mental ability but merely understanding a difference in mental habits.  Of Course, every educated man or woman must understand this!

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22 April