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To carve a path in the wilderness in the area of disability and to bring change, requires a compassionate heart and a suit of armour to deflect the arrows. When faced with a problem that others call totally impossible, there is always some part of it within your ability to handle, and often you will be surprised to find that dealing with one insignificant aspect in the complexity of the problem will turn the tide. New forces and sources from out of the blue will rescue you. Step out in faith, one step at a time and you will see a miracle.

Katherine Steele is one of the most amazing women I have ever spoken to. Katherines knowledge of Aspergers syndrome is like no other account I have ever read. Katherine brings her reader with her throughout the heart wrenching hills and valleys of a mothers journey through her childs pain as well as a mothers despair. I have never met a woman such as Katherine, and consider myself a lucky person to have been able to read her words as she was creating them. Katherine is an amazing woman who will inspire others when they feel I cant with Oh yes you can love, I did. So many children fall into the autism spectrum, this mothers journey can help so many mothers through theirs. Katherines words tell the reader Yes I understand, I have been there and I am here with you now. A Must Read.
Tina Colbert Balboa Press

There are heroes in life and having known Katherine and Lourdes, they are my heroes. Their story is captivating, informative and uplifting.
Professor Tony Attwood

Health & Well-Being
March 8
Balboa Press AU