They All Took Me Again and Again: Five Stories

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TAKEN, BOUND, AND GANGBANGED BY THE DOCTORS (Does Taking On Three Men Count as a Physical?)
A Bondage Gangbang Erotica Story

Dixie wasn’t all that happy about having to find a new doctor when her old doctor decided to move out of state but she had no idea what Dr. Parish liked to do with new patients. She knew something was strange when two additional men joined them in the examination room, and a few minutes later when she was bound and naked, she knew this doctor performed examinations unlike any she’d ever had before! The appointment wasn’t anything like what she’d expected but could it be good medicine?

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Warning: This ebook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity including rough first anal sex, reluctant first anal sex, rough sex, double team sex, rough group sex, rough deep throat, reluctant ass to mouth, double penetration, group first anal sex, and more. Only mature adults who won’t find that offensive should read this collection.

Here are the rest of the stories!

2. DAMN! YOUR WIFE IS HOT! (A Rough and Reluctant Wife Gangbang Short)

After years of planning, a husband and a wife finally take the plunge and hire a call girl to fulfill their mff threesome fantasy, but they picked the wrong prostitute! Right in the middle of their MFF ménage, the call girl’s boyfriend comes home with some of his friends, and he’s not happy to see his girl with her with another man. The way he figures it, if someone can have his girlfriend’s mouth, than he and his friends can take the hot wife, and take means every single hole with plenty of rough wife gangbang sex, rough deep throat, and double penetration!


Stacy is angry at her husband Grant because he’s let his friend Danny spend the evening with them on Valentine’s day because Danny just broke up with his girlfriend. Stacy tries to torment him by showing Grant the very sexy outfit he could have seen her in. Boy is she surprised when Grant suggests she model it for both her husband and his friend. If she was surprised and reluctant then, she’s in for a whole lot more because it isn’t long before Grant isn’t only saying, “watch my wife.” Pretty soon, he’s completely up for a wife share with Grant, and “Bang my wife!” is the order of the day! She won’t be an anal innocent much longer.

4. THE MOM WE’D ALL LIKE TO FUCK (A First Gangbang erotica story)

Delora hasn’t slept with anyone in four years, not since she came home to find her husband in bed with two other women. She visits her son in college and falls asleep on his couch. When she wakes up, she’s naked and surrounded by five college students with hard cocks and an eye for this incredibly hot milf! Sex with her husband was always plain and boring, but there are five young men, and she’s about to have sex with a bunch of strangers, and even one giving her the first anal experience she’s ever had. And that’s only three of the young college studs ready to give her an incredible time that only starts out as a reluctant gangbang!

5. THE WHOLE TEAM WANTS MY ASS (An Anal Gangbang Erotica Story)

Shelly is happy to be married to a successful college basketball coach…at least when the team is winning. During a pre-season strategy meeting at her house, she even helps keep them in sodas and snacks. She’s as dedicated to the team’s success as her husband, and the kids know she’s there for them. In fact, when her husband steps out to take a call, this slut wife learns very quickly just what that means because the team wants some special motivation; an anal sex extravaganza when a reluctant gangbang involves five college jocks with one hole on everyone’s mind!

Fiction & Literature
20 March
Naughty Daydreams Press

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