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She deserved a hero. She got an outlaw instead.

And I’m the farthest thing from a guardian angel.

I’m thick, rough, and rude.

And once I’ve laid my hands on her…

I’ll ruin her for the rest of her life.


They crossed a line they never should have crossed.

And now I’ll stop at nothing to make them pay for their sins.

To hold your best friend’s body in your hands is a pain I’ll never forget.

It’s seared into my skin, just like the ink that marks me as a member of the Bagram Nine MC.

And my vow for revenge is as permanent as the tattoos I bear.

I swore to make those evil sons of b*tches beg for mercy.

But I never expected to find Jayna.


I’ve always had a little bit of a self-destructive streak.

Just when things are going good, I find a way to ruin them.

But Dax is the worst mistake I’ve ever made.

There’s no coming back once I turn down this road.

And Dax isn’t the type of man to indulge my second thoughts.

Once I fell into his arms, only one thing mattered:

That I belonged to him now.

He’s a savage beast, an outlaw with no mercy left in his tattooed heart.

On a one-man mission for bloody vengeance, I was merely a bump in his road.

Until I became much, much more.

Somewhere, deep down inside the bad boy, is a soul worth saving.

But I can’t say for sure whether I’ll be able to salvage it…

Or whether Dax’s rage will drag us both to an early grave.

I can’t let that happen.

After all…

I’ve got a biker’s baby in my belly.

This is the first book in the Complete Thick as an Outlaw Series by Paula Cox.

3 December
Wild Hearts Romance

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