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Light is a precious commodity that God’s creatures sometimes take for granted.  As we open, read, and study His Word we learn about two kinds of light.  There is a physical light provided by the natural light of the sun, and an artificial light that enables us to see those things that are apparent with good eyesight.  Then, there is a spiritual light that enables those, who are born into God’s family by the power of His Spirit, to see things that are not visible to the naked eye.

To discern both the physical and spiritual things wisely we need proper light.  This ten-week devotional study will take the reader from Genesis to Revelation using Strong’s Concordance as a reference, for all the texts that include the word “light.”

From the beginning of the Old Testament to the ending of the New Testament we find the source of light, the reason for light, the power of light, and more than you will expect, in one study.

Available in print and ebooks, this is the first of the series What the Holy BIBLE Says.  If you want to be enlightened through your sense of physical sight, open God’s Word with this study, and you will learn more of God’s power in the spiritual light that he gives us as His children.  Invite others to join you in a group study if you want more incite and joy as you search God’s Word, for He enlightens us individually, so as to share with others.  You might also consider reading The Garden of GOD’S WORD ~ The Purpose and Delight of BIBLE STUDY, by the same author.

This book and others from Father and Family Books are published for the express purpose of proclaiming the legacy of God’s kingdom ~ majority of proceeds from sales will be used for local and universal missions and charity.  As you become a partner in this legacy, you will not only be growing in your faith, but also enabling others to use both physical and spiritual eyes to learn the truths of God’s Word.  

Religion & Spirituality
2 August
Fran Rogers

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