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The Norwegian artist Tor Rafael Raael (b. 1963) has developed a technique combining traditional painting and digital manipulation. Here is some of this fantastic artist’s best work, together with his own notes/poems for each painting. 

This free ebook is in “fixed layout epub” format, making it possible for the viewer to happily ZOOM in on text and images.  With the zooming it even works fine on iPhone. 

Audio included: Voices from around the world interpret 40 of the texts.

In this collection you will find fascinating creatures, houses and landscapes. Also pure joy, mania, childhood, maturity, worry and hope.  All is intertwined with Raael’s (pronounced RAW-ELLE) own life story. 

* The book contains paintings like “Evening Flyers”, “Blessed House” and “Simple Angel”, 

EVENING FLYERS  (Digital/oil 35x50 cm)  

We should all have flown in the morning,  

but some are not able to.   

They are not inferior or weaker, just different.   

They are evening flyers.

BLESSED HOUSE  (Oil 30x24cm)  

It's when the days are so dark that  

there is no longer room for tears  

that the sun once again appears.  

When the heat fills my body, I feel blessed.  

My house is on a golden bough.

SIMPLE ANGEL  (Oil 80x50 cm)  

The best among us are fooled, humiliated, crushed.  

The simple everyday people suffer in silence.  They are eaten. 

When they die they become angels. Simple, immaculate angels.


We hope you will take a look, and consider following Tor on his journey.  :-)

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October 23
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deSouza3 ,


Wonderful art work. These high-res pieces looks good even when zoomed in. I can only imagine how the book will look on the retina ipad.

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