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As 2020 comes to a close and 2021 begins, we want to provide you with this amazing introduction to several new strong, tough, skilled, dominant female fighters. We also have some repeat performers who are skilled artists when it comes to firmly putting men in their place.

Melly is first up and she's a 5'9" 170lb beautiful strongwoman-next-door. From a distance you might things she's just a tall, solidly built lady, but the closer you get the more you see how lethal this former scholarship Division I volleyball player can be! Learn about how Melly got involved in man-taming and how she joined with our next lady, Cecilia, to take her interests even father. Cecilia is not quite as tall as Melly, but she's the kind of blonde bombshell that ALL men love! But some fellas may lust for Cecilia but find themselves struggling to handle her. One look at this lady's thighs and your heart will start racing. Here she is, guys, the perfect ass-kicking femme fatale!

Brook is up next and she is not a wrestler. While Brook is a member of the team, she only participates in ball-busting contests or exhibitions. This blonde beauty queen is a nut-busting goddess that guys can never, ever get enough of! Will she wrestle in the future? Only time will tell.

Adrianne and Emilia are up next and these two sisters were adopted by a British family when they were quite young. While their adopted parents and brothers are quite small, Adrianne and Emilia are not. These women have insanely beautiful, muscular legs and their arms are just as powerful, if not more powerful than their lower body. Read what it's like for them as adult women to defeat men as well as the lessons they learned growing up as vastly superior females. See how their brothers learned to deal with being weaker than their sisters.

Adrianne and Emilia reminded us of Marta and we figured that this would be a perfect place and time to reintroduce readers to this unique family. It was one thing when two of Marta's friends defeated her brother, but then the final shoe really dropped! Marta because putting her powerful legs and competitive spirit to work and showed her brother how it feels to tap out to your own sister. You'll love getting the inside scoop on how a family strength dynamic can truly be thrown on its head!

Gussi and Ivey are next and these phenomenal ladies bring this book to a very enlightening, exciting end. Both of these women have thick, muscular cross-fit-style bodies and Goddess-Attitudes. When you see the glutes, abs and arms on these ladies you won't be able to control your eye-balls or your drooling. Get inside the mind and learn about the lives of two of the most amazing women you can ever hope to meet.

If you like strong, skilled, beautiful, dominant women who defeat men at combat then these books are for you! Some of our books also contain links around the web and others provide readers with session reviews. If you like women humbling men on the mats, in battles of strength and in fights, then you've found your happy place! Please take a look at all of our other offerings and welcome to the exciting world of physically superior females!

31 December
Ken Phillips

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