6 Love Styles: Does Your Partner Love You?: Learning Thyself, Book 3 (Unabridged‪)‬

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Have you ever wondered whether or not your partner really loves you? After all, exploiters and manipulators throw the word "love" around when they are vying for sex or material goods from their targeted victims. People say "I love you" when they are cheating on their partner or robbing them or putting antifreeze in their lemonade. They say "I love you" when they are cashing out the other person’s life insurance policy. The word "love" is thrown around and becomes meaningless in the wrong person’s hands.

Some people believe in the word "love", but there are several ways that people can love one another. Your marital relationship might not be based on the same definition of love as your parent’s relationship, for example. Arranged marriages might not be based on the same definition of love as relationships entered into at-will. You love your friends different than you love your partners. It is even said that psychopaths love their friends much differently than they love their partners and siblings.

Why should we worry about whether our loved ones truly love us in meaningful ways? People who love in all the wrong ways might cheat on us or take advantage of us. They may put us in the center of a love triangle and endanger our lives. We don’t want to waste our time and our financial resources on someone who is out to take us for everything we have.

Predators are everywhere and knowing where you (and the people in your life) stand will ensure that you do not fall victim to others who are out to exploit and manipulate you. Knowing where you stand in your love style will also help to match you up with the right friends and partners. You can also learn the love style of your child or teenager so that you do not take their signs of love for granted.

6 Styles of Love

Some people have heard of the book 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. But have you heard about the 6 love styles or the color theory of love which was devised by psychologist John Alan Lee?

Lee used various Greek words to describe the different styles of love that he believed existed in the human race. I am analyzing his various styles and adding my own narrative and perspective of the various styles to help you better determine which style you (and your lovers) might fall under.

Getting to know ourselves is the very first step in finding the right partner and falling in love. If we don’t know ourselves, we cannot accurately find someone who will fit us for a long term union. Not everyone is meant for long term relationships. Those with social challenges often struggle to tolerate another person’s faults long enough to maintain the "happily ever after" fairytale. People with a high need for stimulation often struggle to fall in love with one specific person due to their own propensity for boredom.

Love often takes time to grow and to cultivate into something real and deep and long-lasting. Some lovers waste time on those who have cheating personalities, and thus they may suffer through their entire life never...

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Pete Beretta
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16 April
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