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These tested and proven bad boy traits in this powerful, hard-hitting, and easy-to-learn book help you stop scaring women away and get them to feel 10x more attraction for you.

95 percent of your problems with women are directly related to being "too nice" and a "nice guy". Not "too nice" in the sense of being a gentleman, holding doors open, and being polite, but "too nice" in the sense of being desperate, letting women use you, and finding yourself in one hurtful, disrespectful, and avoidable situation after another with women who feel very little to no attraction for you. These "bad boy traits" help you to become the type the guy women actually respect, feel attraction for, and want to be with. These traits make you stronger, wiser, and more in control of your thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and habits. You will learn, IN DETAIL, the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and habits of men who are extremely successful in consistently attracting and dating beautiful and hard-to-get women and keeping them around long-term.

Become the guy women want and not the one they avoid:

Stop freaking women out and scaring them away
Stop getting your heart broken and dumped
Gain a better and more common sense understanding of women and attraction
Learn smart, correct, and attractive responses to dating problems
Minimize the fear and insecurities holding you back
Become an high-value, fun, exciting, and attractive guy with an above-average life that women naturally want to be part of
Keep high-quality women in your life for as long as you want   

Here's a preview of what you're about to learn:

Attract hard to get and higher-quality women through raising your standards
Keep your balls out of women's purses and wear the pants in the relationship
Become challenging, self-reliant, and independent instead of a co-dependent, approval-seeking nice guy
Maturely, confidently, and correctly handle tough situations with women and minimize the risk of them running away
Eliminate your fear of approaching, getting phone numbers, and interacting with women
How the way you handle business, conduct yourself, and live your life tells women whether you're a weak, nice guy or the bad boy type they're attracted to
How to attract women by not obsessing over what others think
Improve your body language, self-control, and the importance of voice tone and eye contact when creating attraction
Ace "attraction tests" so women know you're right for them
How to get women excited to see you again
Identifying the hints and clues nice guys constantly miss
When, what, and how much to say when talking to women
Too humble vs. too cocky and arrogant
And much more

Marc Summers
hr min
9 December
Marc Summers of MajorLeagueDating.com

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