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Are you still struggling with negative thoughts despite trying to consciously change your thoughts so that you can be more positive and less toxic?

Do you often feel anxious and can’t seem to find an effective solution and are tired of fighting against your mind and feeling helpless?

If you’ve answered yes, keep reading...

You are about to discover exactly how to put an end to your struggles by leveraging the power of acceptance and commitment therapy!

Imagine what you’d feel like when you are free from anxiety, when you are comfortable with things as they are, and when you accept your way into a life that fits perfectly with your values! Imagine how it would feel like to be your authentic self rather than reacting negatively or fearfully against things around you. That does require quite a level of psychological flexibility, doesn’t it?

Yes, it does, and that’s exactly what the acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) is all about and what it can help you to achieve!

Yes, ACT builds in your acceptance, commitment, and mindfulness that collectively assist you in accepting all the realities of life and accept thoughts for what they are.

If you are particularly the kind that never manages to stop trying to avoid life’s problems only to end up with anxiety, the ACT therapy is exactly what you need.

You might have questions like:

How do you get started with ACT?
What does the therapy look like in practice?
Is it the same as CBT?
Is it something I can practice alone?
Is it safe?

If such questions sound familiar, then you are exactly where you need to be right now. This simple beginners’ book will help you understand what ACT is in detail and answer the rest of the questions to give you a vivid understanding of what to expect and how to get started with the therapy for long-term success.

More precisely, you’ll learn:

What ACT means and what it aims to help you achieve
How different ACT is from CBT
What mindfulness refers to, and why it matters in your journey to using ACT
Why ACT is better than the traditional CBT
The six core processes of ACT and how to make the most of them
How to develop willingness and acceptance to seeing progress in overcoming anxiety
How to treat anxiety with ACT
The important ACT exercises to expect in the therapy
And much more!

Are you ready to learn how to commit to working with your issues head-on and moving closer to your difficult feelings instead of risking anxiety by stuffing them away?

Are you ready to experience a new you who isn’t affected by anxiety at all in just five weeks? If you are, then one simple action is all you need to get started, even if you feel stuck right now!

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Ross Pipkin
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23 December
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