Alcohol Stole My Mum Alcohol Stole My Mum

Alcohol Stole My Mum

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Number 1 Best Selling book; Alcohol Stole My Mum...

In 1978 John Taylor is eight years old and is in love with life. At school he is top of his class and adored by all the teachers. On the football pitch, he exhibits skills way beyond his years and, better still, his beloved Arsenal have just reached the FA Cup Final. Everything is great for John until the day he comes home from school and sees his alcoholic mother lying in bed after being beaten to a pulp by his violent father. From then on, his world changes terribly. To escape his painful and turbulent childhood, John finds solace in sports, especially football. He becomes a huge Arsenal and Celtic fan and amongst those supporters, he experiences a 'real' family, a togetherness as he travels with them to stadiums up and down the country. When John reaches adulthood, he is able to build a good life for himself with his loving partner and two beautiful young daughters. However, like so many who carry unresolved childhood trauma in their hearts, John falls prey to his own addictions. With the demons worsening in his head, and in the midst of a mental breakdown, he begrudgingly checks himself into rehab. Whilst there, he was given a choice: does he want to see his girls grow up, or does he want to be just like his mother? Faced with a 'life or death' situation, John opens up about his childhood for the first time ever in his life. Alcohol Stole My Mum is a hugely brave examination of a man's life to date. It is a story of great redemption told with a depth and candour that seeks to inspire and to help others. It is a compelling tale of how alcoholism destroys the family unit, but, worse still, creates devastating consequences that endure for years. Yet it is also laced with great humour.

John Taylor
hr min
6 July
Kaleidoscope / Wapping Wharf

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