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The Godkiller will rise.

Despite his recent victories, Nate Temple’s problems are only just beginning. Although it had been necessary, killing the most infamous of the Norse gods has consequences, and no one knows petty vengeance like the Aesir. Especially with Odin’s legendary spear mysteriously missing.

But Nate has more important things to worry about than a pantheon of angry gods.

Because the God of Mischief has been freed from his imprisonment, and so has his monstrosity of a son - a creature prophesied to play a major role in Ragnarok. With Loki’s masterful abilities at illusion and deception, any of Nate’s acquaintances could be Loki in disguise, so he’s forced to play things close to the chest, retreating away from those he trusts the most.

But with gangs of expert assassins relentlessly hunting Nate for the largest contract fee ever known, the police and FBI starting to take a closer look at Nate Temple and his alleged crimes, his best friend’s kids born with bizarre abilities, and his new Horsemen desperately needing their leader to begin training them for the Omega War...

Now is a terrible time to be alone.

And an even worse time for his people to be without their leader.

Especially when Nate knows his old enemies were actually just the henchmen and that the real masters are still lurking in the shadows - likely even posing as his allies.

The blades of betrayal strike swifter than the first kiss of new love, and the fate of the world is riding on one man’s shoulders....

The Catalyst walks the world.

And no one seems to know exactly what that really means. Except that it’s going to change the future of existence for everyone.

For better or for worse.

Because Nate Temple has changed the rules - the most hated, feared, and respected beings in human history are no longer safe in St. Louis.

Even gods can die....

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Joel Richards
hr min
18 November
Argento Publishing, LLC

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