Austin Noir: Akashic Books: Noir (Unabridged) Austin Noir: Akashic Books: Noir (Unabridged)

Austin Noir: Akashic Books: Noir (Unabridged‪)‬

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    • $17.99

Publisher Description

Austin joins Dallas and Houston in Akashic's deep dive into the Lone Star State's darkest dimensions.

Featuring brand-new stories by: Gabino Iglesias, Ace Atkins, Amanda Moore, Jeff Abbott, Scott Montgomery, Richard Z. Santos, Alexandra Burt, Lee Thomas, Miriam Kuznets, Jacob Grovey, Chaitali Sen, Molly Odintz, Amy Gentry, and Andrew Hilbert.

From the editors' introduction: "You've probably heard of Austin. You may have been here for South by Southwest. Your best friend may have recently relocated here from California. You might have thought about moving here yourself, then decided it wasn't worth it to live in Texas. You may have moved to Austin decades ago. You may even have been born and raised in Austin, and now you're on the outskirts of San Antonio or (God forbid) Waco because you can't afford to buy a house anywhere else. Or you may be living in a shiny new building downtown, watching the final stages of a sleepy town's transformation into modern metropolis. One thing you'll hear from almost any Austin resident: it was better when they got here....

"As the city expands, construction never stops, struggling futilely to keep up with new demand. The running joke is that the city bird is the crane. Rents and property values keep climbing. We fear becoming Dallas.... The writers contributing to this collection represent a kaleidoscopic view of the city—not just in where they set the stories, but in their different social, economic, and cultural perspectives."

Crime & Thrillers
Marissa Hampton, Tiffany Morgan, Hallie Ricardo, Faith Connor, Deepa Samuel, Maria Liatis, Brittany Wilkerson, Brad Sanders, Anthony Lopez, Kevin Stillwell, Jamie Renell, Lee Osorio, Brian Troxell, Jaime Lincoln Smith, Michael Delgaudio
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