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Take the guesswork out of parenting and become a pro, even before your baby is born...

Are you an expecting parent who worries you won’t be able to live up to the expectations of what it means to be a good parent, believing you will fail the child in some way?

Do you fear you might accidentally hurt the baby, whether it be by harming its soft spot, not knowing how to properly support its neck, or something entirely different?

Are you afraid your baby’s development isn’t measuring up with others at the same age, signifying some sort of abnormality?

Put the constant worrying to an end, and let’s set things straight.

Feeling confused or overwhelmed is completely normal for new or expecting parents, so you can rest assured knowing you’re not alone. Every prospective parent has his or her endless list of questions and worries before jumping into the world of babies, but what matters most is that you are prepared.

In order to feel certain in your parental decision-making skills and silence the doubting voices in your head, the first step is to fill your head with all the baby knowledge there is to know - the good and the bad.

In Baby’s First-Year Milestones, you will discover:

What developmental milestones to expect in each month of your baby’s first year, as well as what you can do to help them through these beautiful life moments
The #1 recommended way to bond with your baby that will also help you to keep a better eye on his or her fluctuating health
Common misconceptions people have about a baby’s first year, and what you can actually expect to happen (hint: it’s not as scary as many paints it to be!)
A breakdown of breastfeeding versus bottle feeding - which choice is the right one for you?
The do’s and don’ts of bathing, including how to guarantee your baby’s first bath-time goes smoothly
How to make sure your baby’s safety is always taken care of, allowing you to stay one step ahead of any potential medical emergencies
How to remain a functioning human being with less sleep, which will lead to not only a happier you, but also a happier baby
And much more.

If you’re already on your second child and have experienced the workings of your baby’s first year, there’s always room for improvement and additional knowledge. You most likely had plenty of doubts when you took your first steps as a parent, but now with previous training supplemented by extra expertise, you will be able to take on this new bundle of joy with confidence and enthusiasm.

Help take the unexpected out of parenting - caring for and enjoying the company of your newborn baby won’t be your focus if you’re constantly worrying about the worst-case scenario. Do yourself a favor and take the time to understand exactly what it is you can expect so you can be in the moment.

Lisa H Stewart
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16 September
Harley Carr Parenting