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Do you want to learn how Buddhism uses yoga techniques and the energy of crystals to balance the chakra system and harmonize mind and body? If yes, then keep reading....

So, what are you supposed to do? Well, the chakra framework may come in handy. We explained here as to what the chakra system is, what are chakras, their purpose in our life, how balancing each of the energy centers in our body can bring about goodness and salvation in our life, and so much more including techniques, meditation poses, tools, and instruments to further help you achieve a well-balanced chakra system, and color and gemstone correspondences that are often associated with each chakra point.

If you have been attempting to live a good life but mental anxiety or physical impairments have been in your way lately, you may want to change how you approach the situation. In this book, we will show you how to properly assess your chakra system and how you can open each one of them up. The truth is that meditation has been around for hundreds and thousands of years, yet the real reason why it is still being practiced today is that it works!

Whether you are already an advanced student or simply starting out on your chakra meditative journey, this book is your perfect companion on the road to achieving holistic health. Without further ado, proceed to the next chapters of this book and start your learning session.

To get the most out of working with your seven chakras, you must learn how they function and how to balance them so that they are harmonized and aligned. Placing the appropriate colored stone on each area is the simplest way you can balance the entire chakra system. This balance helps boost each chakra vibration without causing any adverse alterations to the energies and harmonies of the system as a whole.

In this book, you will learn more about:

Wisdom of the Buddhist tradition
Buddha's teachings at the basis of Buddhism
Problems Chakras face
Chakras cleansing
Yoga. Powerful thousand-year practice
Yoga and meditation for a sharp mind and a healthy body
Yantra yoga. First steps and procedures
How to heal broken Chakras
Amazing ways to use your crystals
Benefits of the seven Chakras
Root through Crown: All the Chakras represented
Chakras awakened
And more!

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Carolynne Henry
hr min
17 June
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