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Your comprehensive guide for baby handling and maintenance during the first year!

Unfortunately, babies do not come with instructions. They often cry, and you don’t know why. They like being cuddled one minute, and they hate it the next. They’re cute, but they’re also little tyrants who will occupy all of your partner’s attention in the very beginning.

Today, millions of men are putting off fatherhood because they’re afraid. Are you one of these men?

Do you worry that:

You don’t have the knowledge and the skills to be a successful parent 
You haven’t ensured your family’s financial stability yet 
A baby will change everything 
A baby will potentially destroy your relationship 
You will be responsible for a vulnerable human being that’s entirely dependent on you 
You will have to handle both the physical and the emotional well-being of a child 
You’ll be just like your parents and you’ll potentially fail your kid?

Relax, you’re not alone! Let’s let you in on a little secret: Most to-be parents are afraid. Even if they’re consciously trying to get pregnant, they may still experience nervous trepidation when the two lines show up on the pregnancy test. 

There’s a simple reason why everyone worries about parenthood: You have no way to fully prepare for what’s in store until you actually become a parent. Still, various resources exist to help you cope with the changes, understand your child’s needs, and maintain a stable relationship with your partner.

If you want to turn into the best father you could be, you should seek such resources. Expectant Dad’s Preparation Guide is a thorough book that will guide you through your partner’s pregnancy and the first year of your child’s life. 

In this audiobook, you’ll find out all of the following:

All of the scary and the icky stuff about pregnancy and birth 
The number one reason why you should witness the appearance of your child into this world 
Reasons why it’s mandatory to take time off work if you have a newborn 
Babyproofing secrets, getting the house ready, essentials you need, and baby products you should never buy 
My baby sneezed, what should I do? (and other baby health essentials)
Reasons why being a dad could suck and why you’re not a bad person if you hate your baby every once in a while 
Tips to be the best single dad in the world 
The ways in which your relationship will change after the birth of a child and why you should consider putting a sex schedule in place

And that’s just the beginning! As time goes by, your worries will diminish, or they’ll be replaced by new considerations. That’s the way things go when you become a father. Hands-on involvement in your child’s life, however, is equally important for you and your kid.

You can push through the fear and become the most involved and loving father. All it takes is a bit of preliminary research, the desire to practice, and eventually make a couple of mistakes along the way. The good news is that many parenting skills can be learned if you have access to the correct resources.

Todd Belcher
hr min
6 May
Malibu Seven, LLC