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The Expecting Dad Book: What You Need To Know!


So, you’re getting ready to become a first-time dad. Do you know what to expect? There are a lot of pregnancy books out there, but the majority of them are aimed towards moms. Let’s be honest—they are the ones giving birth, but it would be nice if dads had a good idea of what they could expect. That’s why this pregnancy book for first time dads is what you need. Just thinking about the pregnancy week by week seems daunting, but there's nothing really to worry about when you have support, something which this book aims to provide.


This first-time dad book is here to help you understand what your partner is going through and how you can help. Just because the woman does most of the work doesn’t mean that dad can’t help out.


In this expecting dad book you will learn:

- What to expect when you’re expecting

- What pregnancy for men can be like

- What it is like to be expecting a baby

- How to help out your partner after she has given birth

- The importance of bonding with your child

- The role that you will play in the delivery room

- The things you should make sure you take to the hospital

- How to keep going with little sleep

- And much more


This dad baby book is here to help make sure you do the best you can in the role of caring father and supportive partner. Dads have a much more active role in pregnancy, childbirth, and child-rearing than they use to. You want to make sure that you can bond with your child as well as make sure that you and your partner stay close.


Pregnancy and parenthood are two very rewarding, stressful events. Make sure that you are prepared just as well as your partner is so that everybody knows their role.


Women fall into the role of mom more naturally than men fall into the role of dad. But with this first time dad book, you can change that and make the transition easier. This book not only tells you what to expect when you're expecting but also helps you understand what you should do during this important time.


Maybe you know a first time parent and you’ve been searching for pregnancy books for first time dads, well don’t waste your time any longer, you’ve found the book they’ll need.


Don’t wait any longer, get this book today.

Brian R. Scott
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19 January
Kevin Walker

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