Finding Love at Sunset Shore Finding Love at Sunset Shore

Finding Love at Sunset Shore

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Publisher Description

The brand new summer rom com from Bella Osborne full of love, sunshine and life's twists and turns!

Sometimes, you have to fake it until you make it…

Ros is too busy for a boyfriend; between work and looking after her poorly father, there’s no time left for a relationship. But when she overhears her dad's dying wish is for her to find love, Ros is determined to make it happen – or at least, make it look like it has.

Enter Cameron, a struggling mature student with a mountain of debt but a zest for life.

Ros, driven by love for her ailing dad, reluctantly agrees to the simple business transaction: paying Cameron to play the role of her boyfriend. Ros meticulously plans their fake relationship – but when Cameron decides to go off-script, chaos ensues.

As Ros and Cameron navigate the ups and downs of their faux romance, their differences drive each other crazy. But they may just need each other more than they think…

Full of romance, sunshine and a whole lot of fun, Finding Love at Sunset Shore is the perfect escapist rom com for summer 2024!


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‘A lovely, sunshiney story, bursting with wit and joy.’ Milly Johnson

‘An Invitation to Seashell Bay has the Bella Osborne hallmark combination of wit, wonderful characters and meaningful conflicts that never fails to provide a fantastic read.’ Sue Moorcroft

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‘An Invitation to Seashell Bay is the summer invite you need to accept. It’s a funny, warm and gloriously uplifting romance with loveable characters and, like all Bella’s books, is the perfect blend of hilarious and heartwarming.’ Cressida McLaughlin

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‘A gorgeous, feel-good summer read that will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart along with a heroine that you want to be best friends with. Absolutely adored my trip to Seashell Bay.’ Kim Nash

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‘I absolutely adore Bella Osborne books and An Invitation to Seashell Bay is no exception. Sparkling with warmth and wit, Bella’s books are guaranteed to put a smile on my face. An Invitation to Seashell Bay is the perfect escapist summer read.’ Cathy Lake

‘I loved this book! Funny, charming, with a wonderful heroine. We should all have a little Nancy in our lives.’ Susan Mallery

About the author

I've been jotting down my stories as far back as I can remember. Somehow life took over, I got a sensible job in project management and the writing has remained a passion.

I live in The Midlands with my lovely husband and our wonderful daughter, who thankfully, both accept me as I am (with my mad morning hair and a penchant for skipping).

You can follow me on Twitter @osborne_bella.

Elizabeth Bower
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18 July