Future Home Design: A Home That Adapts to Different Phases of Your Life (Unabridged‪)‬

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Do you need to build a home that will last into the future? Recognize the signs!

Let’s face it: Our lives change. We transition from single to couple, to young family, to growing family, to empty nester, to retirement. Would you love to live in a home that adapts to different phases of your life, so you’d need to move less often? Is it possible to build such a home?

Is this your current life?

You are part of a busy family with young children, caught in the daily morning rush hour, and you often wonder if you locked the doors before you left.
You are part of a growing family, with teenagers who need more space and privacy.
You are an empty nester looking for a low-maintenance, comfortable, safe home for your golden years.

This book teaches you about building concepts and prepares you to thoughtfully design your future home, a home that adapts to different phases of your life, reducing your need to move. Imagine the cost, effort, and stress you eliminate when you design, build, and live in a home that’s suited to your changing needs.

This book also shares industry secrets and perspectives not often disclosed by real estate agents and investors. What are the long-term design features that matter to future homeowners? What types of homes will many homeowners desire five or 10 years from now? How do you incorporate the passage of time into your home design budget? How do you future-proof your home?

What you will learn from the book:

A success formula for putting together the components of your dream home that will stand the test of time
Clarity on how you can plan to build a home that meets your current needs and future life changes, reducing the number of times you move and saving you associated moving costs
Confidence in moving forward with your building project without overcapitalizing and spending on things that don’t benefit you directly as a homeowner
Insights into the industry: misunderstood terms and methods
Assurance that your home is future-ready for the next generation’s use and market demand
Useful templates and summaries as a bonus workbook to help you in your journey of building your dream home

This book is a must-listen before you plan to build or renovate your dream home. When you plan, design, and build your dream home using the future home concept, you’ll never have to move out of the area you love to live in or buy another home whenever your life changes, saving you the stress and cost of moving homes.

Melissa Chambers
hr min
24 November
514 Publishing