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Publisher Description

For years, Randy has written thought-provoking devotionals that have inspired and challenged listeners as they seek deeper relationships with Jesus Christ. God’s Glory Revealed includes 52 devotionals, each beginning with Scripture and followed by study questions designed to inspire deeper thought and spiritual growth. 

Randy’s writing is Bible based, spiritually focused, searching and relatable. He encourages listeners to maintain regular practices of prayer, study and meditating on God’s holy word. The book may be used as a spiritual guide for individuals or as a catalyst to foster discussion within your small group or Sunday school class. 

Following is an excerpt from Randy's introduction to the book: 

As a boy, while standing alone in the sun-filled atrium between the sanctuary and fellowship hall enjoying quiet stillness, I felt God’s unmistakable presence. I knew he was with me, welcoming me, loving me. Over the next 25 years I did my best to forget the encounter. Without even considering a career in ministry, I earned an engineering degree and a law degree and quickly jumped into the grind of life as an associate in a law firm in Denver. Through a series of seemingly unrelated events, I found myself stranded in an empty concourse waiting after a canceled flight. I finished all the work I had in my bag and read two newspapers and in bored desperation, I dug through my briefcase searching for something to read and I found, tucked in the bottom of a rarely used pocket, a thin copy of the New Testament that a man had handed me months earlier as I walked along a street in Denver. 

With my left thumb I fanned the pages from the back, saw the word Revelation, and stopped to read. Sitting there in an empty concourse, I felt apprehensive wondering what people would think of me if they saw me reading the Bible, but I continued and as I read I felt God’s unmistakable presence once again. His living word came to life. I pray this book is of some benefit to you on your walk.

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Randy L. Allen
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1 September
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