Habit: How to Create Smarter Habits (Unabridged‪)‬

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Good habits. Bad habits. Useless habits. We all have habits. Truthfully, habits are a natural part of our human experience. Our brain uses habits as a way to help us perform tasks without requiring such a high amount of energy to complete them. Through this, we are able to preserve energy for other things, like cheering on our favorite sports team or enjoying a good belly laugh with our loved ones. 

Good habits can truly help us create a great life. 

Unfortunately, your subconscious mind does not understand the difference between good, neutral, and bad habits. All our minds see are repeated activities that we engage in that could be automated to better serve us. Kind of like how grocery stores now have self-check outs, and fast food restaurants have automated machines that squirt sauce on your burgers. This means that your mind does not realize when it innocently creates a neutral or bad habit in your life. Instead, you are left to consciously become aware of how this habit is affecting you, and then you are left responsible for dealing with that bad habit. 

Changing your habits can be tough. Every day, people are trying to break bad habits, ranging from breaking their habit of watching too much TV to breaking their habit of smoking cigarettes or eating too much junk food. Often, people falsely rely on willpower without realizing that this is merely a crutch. Willpower alone is not strong enough to help you change a bad habit. No, you need something much more powerful than willpower.

You need the power of your entire brain, naturally working to help you change your bad habits. 

In Habit: How to Create Smarter Habits, that is exactly what we are going to dig into. You are going to learn about how your brain naturally works, and about how you can effortlessly work with these natural processes to change everything for yourself. In this book, you are going to find that habits are not as concrete, mysterious, or challenging as they often seem.

John-Michael Jalonen
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10 June
Alex Toledo