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"There are many great suggestions in How to Make It Big as a Real Estate Agent. I am returning to real estate sales after a several decades long hiatus and have a game plan to implement which lines up with those which Mark has used. But the idea of building a team is a new one to me and is one I will implement. Great advice for new agents, particularly making it clear the extent of dedication and hard work required to achieve the upper levels of success. I strongly recommend this book." (Ray) 

Mark Ferguson has been a realtor for over 15 years. He runs a sales team of 10 who have sold over 1,000 homes. Mark has personally sold over 200 homes in one year. Mark has been featured in the Washington Post, Yahoo, Zillow, Realtor.com, Realtor Magazine, Time, Trulia, and many other major media outlets. In this book, Mark describes exactly how he has made it big in real estate and what to expect as a real estate agent. Mark breaks down how much money real estate agents can really make, as well as how much work an agent will have to do.  

There are many stories out there about how little money agents make and how they are on call at all hours. The truth is real estate can be a wonderful business if you treat it as a business and plan accordingly. There are many things an agent can do to be successful, which Mark details in this book. 

Choosing the right broker 
Getting off to a fast start selling houses 
Finding the right lead sources 
Where to spend your money  
Where not to spend your money 
The best ways to network 
How to build a business not create a job 
How to make your real estate agent business a sell-able asset 
Much, much more  

If you are familiar with Mark and his writing style, you know he hates fluff. This is a straight-to-the-point book with an immense amount of usable information and techniques. You can find Mark at https://investfourmore.com, where he has created one of the most popular real estate blogs.

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10 July