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One of the most requested topics that we receive from athletes, businesspeople, and sales professionals is to provide a method, a technology, for them to go instantly and automatically into The Zone.

We owe Dr. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi a great debt of gratitude for having studied and developed this concept in depth. He termed the state flow. This is a skill that is often impossible to master without a technology to transform the information from an interesting subject to a powerful asset. Hypnotherapy and mindfulness meditation are precisely the combination technologies that you require to enter The Zone automatically.

Over the next eight weeks, you will find yourself able to enter The Zone instantly and automatically. You will have a new skill permanently.

The Maximum Performance 4 x 4 series provides effective and structured solutions to behavioral modification problems, ensuring that as long as you follow the steps of each program, your life is going to change.

You will literally and figuratively change the wiring in your brain as you complete this program, a process known as neuroplasticity. As the physical changes take place in your brain, your mind and your body will react differently to stimuli. That is the definition of change.

Imagine a railroad track. As long as the intersections remain the same, every train following that route goes exactly the same way; they have to follow the tracks.

If you change the intersection, throw the switch to connect the incoming track to a different outgoing track, then every train that follows will proceed in the new direction, won't it?

This program is designed to make you self-sufficient. We will provide the foundation for you to be successful and to learn self-directed techniques, allowing you to employ the skills that you develop automatically and permanently, increasing your effectiveness and decreasing the consumption of time.

Get ready. Your life is about to change!

Brian E Birchmeier, CHt
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1 December
Maximum Performance Hypnotherapy LLC