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Do you want to learn super delicious and healthy Keto snacks and fat bombs recipes to try in your kitchen?

Keto fat bombs are one of the most enjoyable recipes of the keto diet, along with many other desserts, bread, and treats that can be adapted from high carb to low carb, and keto-friendly. 

This audiobook provides the basics of keto, how to use macros (macronutrients) in choosing which foods and ingredients to use, and how to adapt to a new way of eating in just four weeks. 

You’ll find many tools and suggestions to help you on the path to eating and living a keto lifestyle:

Weekly meal plans for four weeks, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts

A wide range of recipes, over 100, including bread, crackers, loaves, and baked goods

Fat bombs and many variations for developing and changing ingredients and the importance of their nutritional value in a keto diet

Muffins, scones, chocolate bars, peanut, and almond butter

Sweet truffles, cheesecake flavored fat bombs and treats, including different combinations of ingredients to try and experiment with

Cookies, shortbread, pound cake, brownies, and spicy treats

Ice cream, custards, chia seed pudding, mousse, and both warm and iced drinks

Other recipes include glazes, toppings, and frostings that are not only keto-friendly but excellent for bread and loaves

In addition to many recipes, you’ll find an inspiration to try new ideas and variations on your own and can add these to your own meal plans.

The keto way of eating is not only one of the healthiest it can be a delicious and satisfying way towards nourishment.

This audiobook includes a section of suggestions, recommendations, and frequently asked questions to help guide you towards healthy, low carb eating.

Creating a shopping list, looking for the best quality ingredients and getting more familiar with what to avoid and look for all make a major impact on the success of your new way of eating.

Get all the cooking info, nutritional info, easy ingredients and directions in detail for each recipe, don’t wait anymore. Just get your copy now!

Anna Gray
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18 May
Eric Peak