Kundalini: The Fundamentals of Practice (Unabridged) Kundalini: The Fundamentals of Practice (Unabridged)

Kundalini: The Fundamentals of Practice (Unabridged‪)‬

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Kundalini awakening is the most intense and invigorating experiences that we can have.

Although it is a difficult process, with determination and discipline, you can learn how to awaken the kundalini within you and experience true enlightenment. This book is the second installment of the Kundalini series; a comprehensive guide for anyone who is on the path towards spiritual enlightenment or who may just be exploring new realms of possibility as they become familiar with spirituality. There is so much that we do not know about our body, mind, and spirit, though we can find understanding and wisdom through spiritual practices.

There is much to learn about the kundalini awakening before attempting to unleash the energy within. As a beginner in meditative and yogic practices, you have only been introduced to the foundational techniques and methods of spirituality and awareness. In this book, you will learn how to awaken your inner kundalini through physical and mental exercises, methods of meditation, and daily practices that have been proven to assist others in their spiritual journeys. Physical techniques such as yoga, meditation, asana, and chanting are the foundations of stimulating a deep and provocative kundalini awakening. This book is geared towards individuals who have a basic knowledge of kundalini, have begun practicing the necessary steps to learn how to channel their kundalini, and are familiar with the language and process of becoming spiritually awakened.

By establishing daily routines and dedicating a specific part of your day to practicing asanas and pranayamas, you will find that accessing your kundalini becomes easier and that frustrations from the physical world are not so consuming.

You will be happier, have a stronger mindset, and will truly be at peace with where you are in life and the world around you. A kundalini awakening is a powerful and life-changing experience.

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Melanie Carey
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23 March
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